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2022 Annual Meeting & Social

AGC MA held it’s 2022 Annual Membership Meeting and Social on May 19th at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, MA. This was the first Annual Meeting held since 2019 as a result of the pandemic. The Membership Meeting kicked off with departing Chair, Fran Colantonio, Founder & CEO, Colantonio, Inc. sharing a thoughtful overview of the many accomplishments the Board of Directors and AGC MA staff have realized over the past two years, including the development of standardized COVID-19 Safety Protocols that were adopted by the state and industry, the launch of the Building Advancement Externship program, which brought a select group of Massachusetts educators into AGC’s member companies to learn about the industry through an immersive week long experience and many other notable efforts including the advancement of equity for under-represented groups through the Building Women in Construction (BWiC) Advisory Committee and the Committee for Diversity & Inclusion (CFDI). During his address Fran stated that “I have been most proud of the camaraderie that was developed between the board members during my tenure and look forward to the continuation under In-coming Chair Bill Aalerud’ s thoughtful guidance.”
The meeting continued to approve several by-laws amendments which included establishing gender neutral pronouns and titles to avoid discrimination and promote inclusion. In addition, a new Board seat was established for a designee of the AGC MA Committee for Diversity and Inclusion (CFDI).
The Voting Members then confirmed three board members who were appointed during the pandemic; Jeff Navin ofConsigli Construction, Frank Hayes of Bond Building Construction, and Diana Hasan of C.E. Floyd. Then nominations for the Officers of the Board were presented and approved including:; Board Chair Bill Aalerud of Columbia Construction, Vice Chair Maureen Kirkpatrick of Turner Construction and Secretary/Treasurer Steve Avery, (re-nominated) of Dimeo Construction. In addition three board members were renominated to a second term including Brad Forrest of Walsh Brothers, Mark Abdella of Fontaine Brothers, and Mike Kearns of Shawmut Design and Construction.
Following the nominations eight AGC MA members were presented with the 2022 AGC Member Distinction Awards for their outstanding accomplishments in advancing the industry through their commitment and engagement of their respective committees.

Champion Award   
Rubens Boursiquot, Procurement Agent (UBE), Turner Construction Company and Co-Chair of the AGC MA Committee for Diversity & Inclusion (CFDI)

Outstanding Committee Chair
Mike C. Sanchez, Chair, AGC MA Labor Relations Division and MCAP Board of Directors member

Safety Leadership Award
Bob Kunz, Corporate Safety Director, Dimeo Construction Company and Chair, AGC MA Safety Committee

Industry Advancement Awards
Briana Colantonio, Business Development & Marketing Specialist, Colantonio, Inc. and Chair, AGC MA Building Women in Construction Advisory Committee (BWiC)

Nina Radzim, HR Director for Gaston Electrical Co., Inc., past Co-Chair for the AGC MA Committee for Diversity & Inclusion (CFDI) and BWiC Advisory Committee (BWiC) and HR Committee member

David Cullinane, Manager of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Consigli Construction Co., Inc. and Co-Chair of the AGC Committee for Diversity & Inclusion (CFDI)

Eudad Gonzalez, Vice President and Operations Manager, Special Projects, Turner Construction Company and Co-Chair AGC MA Committee for Diversity & Inclusion (CFDI)

Subcontractor of the Year
Mike and Bill Weber of Gaston Electrical

The membership then honored Robert Petrucelli, AGC MA past CEO for his 35 years of dedication by establishing the Robert L. Petrucelli Scholarship program that will provide micro-grants to individuals seeking to enter or develop careers in commercial construction by paying for some of the costs of attending skills training programs, certificate programs, or Associates Degree programs.

With the member meeting concluded, the Social hour commenced with more than 150 AGC MA members enjoying the long over-due opportunity to share great food, drink, and conversation!

Check out the pictures from the event here!