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AGC MA Announces New Diversity & Inclusion Committee

We are pleased to announce the roll out of the AGC MA Diversity & Inclusion Committee. The Committees purpose is to provide a platform for members to engage and assist with developing and driving their firm's diversity and inclusion initiatives by inspiring construction companies to create a culture of sustainable business practices that promote a workforce of diverse backgrounds, perspectives and inclusive efforts.
In 2019 the D&I Committee looks forward to working side by side with the BWiC Committee on the AGC MA Building Respect Campaign, hosting educational seminars, developing an employee survey that member firms can use to gain insight on how inclusive and diverse efforts impact their employee engagement, as well as sponsoring round table networking nights as a forum to engage on inclusion priorities.
Governed by a Steering Committee made up of AGC MA members and staff, the D&I Committee and its Steering committee will serve as a resource for member firms, meet regularly to discuss diversity and inclusion initiatives related to workforce recruitment and retention; barriers to entry; education; and networking.   
2019 Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee Members:
Samantha Bond, BOND
Rubens Boursiquot, Turner Construction
Julia Hall, Dimeo Construction
Diana Hasan, C.E. Floyd Company, Inc.
Terrence Hayes, Siena Construction Corp.
Kacey Ann Satchell, Consigli Construction
Kate Sheridan, Lee Kennedy Company
Nina Radzim, Gaston Electrical Co., Inc.
Kristina Banys, Columbia Construction Co.
Dave Cullinane, Consigli Construction
Eudad Gonzales, Turner Construction
If you are interested in joining the Diversity and Inclusion Committee- please contact 
Emily Sheedy