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AGC MA Meets with DCAMM Leadership

A delegation from the AGC MA  Chapter 149A Task Force met with DCAMM Commissioner Carol Gladstone and a number of her staff on April 6 to discuss a wide range of issues impacting CM’s and Subcontractors. At the meeting, AGC representatives were informed of key structural and staff changes at the agency.
Key Topics discussed were:

  • Status of DCAMM’s Disparity Study: Brian McPherson, new Director of Access & Opportunity reported that the draft of the Study is almost completed, but that the window for comments from CM’s and Subs is still open. Here is a link to the draft Study to provide additional input.
  • DCAMM’s quest to improve its internal Project Management System: Barbara Bates, Director of Project Operations & Controls is reaching out to AGC MA for CM feedback as to their own project management systems. AGC and DCAMM are developing a survey to send to AGC Members.   
  • DCAMM Specifications Workshops: AGC MA will host outreach workshops at its Wellesley location.
  • DCAMM “Fix it First” Projects: Jay Mitchell will follow up with AGC to form a working group to discuss possible alternative delivery models for larger scale ‘pipes & wiring’ infrastructure projects.
  • DCAMM position on Subcontractors Default Insurance (SDI) Legislation: Commissioner Gladstone will revisit DCAMM’s position on AGC’s bill to allow for SDI’s in lieu of bonds in certain cases on certain projects.         
  • DCAMM Change Order Process and Setting of GMP’s: Also discussed. DCAMM is open to continual AGC MA feedback
DCAMM Staff in attendance:
  • Carol Gladstone, Commissioner
  • Jay Mitchell, Deputy Commissioner, Design & Construction
  • Liz Minnis, Deputy Commissioner, Planning
  • Jerry McDermott, Chief of Staff
  • Matthew Cocciardi, Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Barbara Bates, Director of Project Operations and Controls
  • Brian McPherson, Director of Access & Opportunity
  • Kevin Flanigan, Director, Enterprise Management Services
  • Betsy Isenstein, Director of Energy & Sustainability
  • Jack Keleher, Director of Small Projects
  • Perkins, Willard , Ex. Director DSB
  • Sawyer, Natalie, Chief Legal Counsel
Please contact Bob Petrucelli at if you are interested in joining the AGC MA Chapter 149A Task Force.