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SD.172: Addressing Massachusetts Tax on Forgiven PPP Income

Thank you to all of you who contacted your state legislators to encourage them to enact SD.172 as soon as possible. Through your efforts, over half of the Senate and a quarter of the House were contacted directly by their constituents.  

There is growing momentum to pass the bill as legislators across the political spectrum continue to sign on as co-sponsors. We do not know when a vote on the legislation will take place, but we do know that our advocacy has kept the pressure on Beacon Hill to act.  

If you have not yet had the chance to reach out to your legislators, there is still time to do so. For your convenience, we drafted an email that you can use to contact your legislators.

Thank you for your help in our advocacy efforts, especially as you are in the midst of busy season. We will keep you updated on the progress that we make. 

Article written by MSCPA's Government Affairs Team.