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Diversity & Inclusion

Staff: Donna Scally
David Cullinane
Co-Chair Consigli Construction Co., Inc., Outreach Coordinator
Eudad Gonzalez
Co-Chair Turner Construction
Nina Radzim
Co-Chair Gaston Electrical Co., Inc.
Jessica Baccari
Siena Construction Corp.
Krystina Banys
Columbia Construction Company
Samantha Bond
Bond, HR Business Consultant
Rubens Boursiquot
Turner Construction
Julia Hall
Dimeo Construction Company
Diana Hasan
C.E. Floyd Company Inc., Human Resource Director
Kacey-Ann Satchell
Consigli Construction Co., Inc.
Kate Sheridan
Lee Kennedy Co., Inc., Director of People and Culture
Rodney Sinclair
Janey Construction Management & Consult, Vice President of Construction and Development
Donna Scally
AGC MA, Director of Labor Relations & Employment Policy
Ext. 116