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AGC MA Staff

AGC MA employees a staff of association professionals in addition to a controller, operations staff, and a contract lobbyist.

Board of Directors

Meet the AGC MA Board of Directors for 2022-2023. These professionals will be guiding your Association over the next year.


BWiC Executive & Advisory Committee Members

CARE Construction Safety Program Steering Committee

The CARE Construction Safety Program Steering Committee leads the resource development and deployment of the CARE program across New England. Leadership Stakeholders, Sponsors, and prospective partners are invited.

CLC Executive Committee

Chair: Ben Hoffman, Walsh Brothers, Inc., Vice Cair: Kyle Gillen, Columbia, AGC Staff: Kara Cady The Mission of the CLC is to foster the capabilities of future AGC MA corporate and industry leaders by conceptualizing and implementing quality educational and engagement opportunities for those under 40.

Committee for Diversity & Inclusion (CFDI)

The mission of the CFDI is to inspire construction companies to create a culture of sustainable business practices that promote supplier diversity and engagement opportunities for a workforce of diverse backgrounds, perspectives and inclusivity.

Communications Advisory Committee (CAC)

The AGC CAC is an advisory committee focused on delivering relevant industry content through the Building Best Practices (BBP) publication and the Future Builders: Insight & News publication for educators, parents & students in MA.

Government Affairs Committee

The AGC MA Government Relations Committee consists of those Beacon Club members who have donated the maximum amount of $500 to the AGC MA PAC and are invested in the political success of the Association.

HR Committee

Serves as a forum for sharing best practices in all areas of HR as well as offering input for the Salary Survey

Labor Relations Division

Develops strategies in advance of labor negotiations with the trades and actively engages in all other issues affecting the signatory contractor throughout the year. Signatory Members only.

Open Shop Council Executive Committee

Addresses the many issues and concerns affecting AGC Open Shop Contractors in both the public and private marketplace. Non Signatory Members only.

Program Advisory

Chair: Ken Rubenstein, Preti Flaherty; AGC Staff: Lisa Frisbie, Director of Marketing and Communications Provides creative input and ideas for new AGC programs, panels, workshops, events, and training. The goal is to bring additional value to membership through marketing, information, trends, and networking opportunities.

Safety Committee

The Safety Committee is where safety professionals and risk managers from member firms can exchange best practices and develop training programs to support worker wellness in the industry. The groups develops consensus around safety-related topics and identifies training opportunities for AGC MA Safety Services.

Sustainability Advisory Committee

The Sustainability Advisory Committee mission is to accelerate inclusion of sustainability as a fundamental part of Building Excellence.

WFD Taskforce

The AGC MA WFD Taskforce is currently developing programs and resources that build awareness and educate teachers, school counselors, parents, and students of the highly rewarding career options in the commercial construction industry. The focus and mission of the committee through our members is to recruit, retain and train the future construction workforce industry.