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AGC MA Staff

AGC MA Staff

Board of Directors

Meet the AGC MA Board of Directors for 2018-2019. These professionals will be guiding your Association over the next year.


BWiC Executive & Advisory Committee Members

CLC Executive Committee

Chair: Brad Monroe, Elaine Construction, Vice Chair: Ben Hoffman, Walsh Brothers, Inc., AGC Staff: Kara Cady Mission is to develop future corporate, industry, and AGC leaders and to foster camaraderie among personnel of member firms under 40. Meetings include educational programs, project spotlights & tours, social events, and collaboration with BSA Young Designers. Serve as mentors to Student Chapters and oversee Community Service Day.

Code Committee

AGC Staff: Emily Sheedy The AGC Building Code Interest Group recommends Association action and educates members on all matters relating to the state building code and its interpretation by state and municipal building officials. The Current goals of the Committee are as follows: CMR 527 (NFPA1) Navigating the permit process BBRS Tracking/Charting of building permit data If you are interested in having a seat on the committee please contact Emily Sheedy,

HR Committee

Serves as a forum for sharing best practices in all areas of HR as well as offering input for the Salary Survey

Labor Relations Division

Chair: Mike Sanchez, Shawmut Design & Construction; AGC Staff: Donna Scally Develops strategies in advance of labor negotiations with the trades and actively engages in all other issues affecting the signatory contractor throughout the year. Signatory Members only.


Chair: Mike O’Brien, Gilbane; AGC Staff Bob Petrucelli Facilitates development of key, pro-active policy positions on both public and private sector legislative issues. ALSO teams up with Board of Directors to champion a continual, successful AGC PAC (Political Action Committee) campaign.

Program Advisory

Chair: Ken Rubenstein, Preti Flaherty; AGC Staff: Lisa Frisbie, Director of Marketing and Communications Provides creative input and ideas for new AGC programs, panels, workshops, events, and training. The goal is to bring additional value to membership through marketing, information, trends, and networking opportunities.

Public Agencies Committee

Chair: Mike O'Brien, Gilbane; AGC Staff: Bob Petrucelli Serves as the liaison between AGC and public awarding authorities that utilize CM at Risk on public building projects. Monitors, develops & advocates CM best practices for project procurement & administration.

Safety Committee

Chair: Bob Kunz, Dimeo Construction; AGC Staff: Chris Ziegler Develops loss control programs and activities for AGC members that promote effective safety practices that ultimately reduce costs to employers. Maintains close working relationships with key state and federal agencies.

Virtual Design Committee

The VDC committee is a group of professionals in the industry that work together to advance the use of technology in the construction process. The VDC is divided into two sub-committees: The Education Sub-committee: Will study and recommend the best way for the group to educate the industry about VDC, addressing the multiple levels of education (basic to advanced) and across participants (Subs, GCs, Designers, Owners, & Academia) Process Sub-committee: Will focus primarily on �¢??Handoff Checklists�¢?� looking at the needs based on multiple delivery methods. The sub-committee will also look at the lifecycle of the model to determine some best practices (QA/QC, contracts, owner buy-in, early involvement, etc).