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Safety Committee

Chair: Bob Kunz, Dimeo Construction; AGC Staff: Chris Ziegler Develops loss control programs and activities for AGC members that promote effective safety practices that ultimately reduce costs to employers. Maintains close working relationships with key state and federal agencies.
Michael Capozzi
Berkeley Building Company, Senior Superintendent
Mark Winslow
Gilbane Building Company, Project Executive
Nate Clinard
Daniel O'Connell's Sons, Inc., VP Corporate Safety
Sam Hawkins
Sea-Dar Construction
Norm OBrien
W.T. Rich Company Inc., Safety Director
Mark Lane
Walsh Brothers, Inc., Safety Manager
Carly Hayden
Columbia , Safety Manager
Bob Kunz
Chairman Dimeo Construction Company
Rick Devine
Hart Companies
Eric Stalmon
Marr Scaffolding Company, Vice President Safety and Training
Karen Vecchione
Colantonio, Inc., Safety / Human Resource / Office Manager
Kerri Dixon
J.L. Marshall & Sons, Inc.
Adam Sandore
Northeastern University
Jeffrey Myung
Harvard University Capital Planning and Project Ma
Michael Sharpe
Gilbane Building Company, Safety Manager
Chris Ziegler
AGC MA, Director of Safety
Ext. 112 Direct Line: 781.786.8912
Kevin Gomes
John Moriarty & Associates
Brendan Ready
Shawmut Design and Construction
Aaron Calkins
W.T. Rich Company Inc.
Scott Gentilhomme
Colantonio, Inc., Superintendent
Tim Cuddahy
Consigli Construction Co., Inc.
Tim Irving
Department of Labor
Greg Hogg
Rick Coakley
Gaston Electrical Co., Inc.
David Fitch
S&F Concrete, Inc.
Mike Allen
S&F Concrete, Inc.
Corey Fisher
Code Red Consultants, Consultant
David Brown
Dimeo Construction Company
Martin Abt
Dimeo Construction Company
Chris Towski
Cambridge Fire Dept.
Kara Cady
AGC MA, Operations Manager
Ext. 118 Direct Line: 781.786.8918  
Rob Carson
Dellbrook | JKS Construction, Director of Safety
Valerie Stone
TG Gallagher, Safety Director
Dennis Mullen
Gilbane Building Company, Safety Director II
Todd Dow
Dow Company, Inc.
Matthew Schroyer
Children''s Hospital
Patrick Saltmarsh
J. Derenzo Company
Roger Mee
Fontaine Brothers, Inc.
Cameron Haggar
Lee Kennedy Co., Inc.
Sheila Papetti
F.W. Madigan Company, Inc., Office Manager
Roger Bruce
Safety Training and Medical of America, Proprietor
Dan McDavitt
Dimeo Construction Company
Bill Mathisen
Commodore Builders
Kevin Kennedy
Shawmut Design and Construction, Safety Officer
Adam Siegmann
Milwaukee Tool, Key Account Manager
Nathan Pedersen
Dimeo Construction Company
Laurie Webber
Erland Construction, Inc.
Kevin Moss
Central Ceilings, Inc.
Susan Grealy
J.S. Held
David Arancio
Dellbrook | JKS Construction, Safety and Risk Manager
Kimberly Sullivan
Shawmut Design and Construction, Safety Manager
Neel Shah
Sea-Dar Construction, Assistant Project Manager
Gavin Taylor
Lee Kennedy Co., Inc.
Joseph Salvatore
Turner Construction, Project Safety Manager
David Doll
AvalonBay Communities, Inc., Director, Health & Safety
Chuck Borstel
Commodore Builders
Ridge Olsen
Marr Scaffolding Company, Associate Safety Representative
Robert Livingston
Columbia , Safety Manager
Patrick Nash
Sea-Dar Construction
Jake Teehan
Sea-Dar Construction
Devon Berry
J.L. Marshall & Sons, Inc.
Kylie Williams
Colantonio, Inc., Project Superintendent
Matthew Chasse
Tocci Building Corporation, Safety Director
Christopher Demas
Marsh USA, Inc., Senior Vice President, Construction Consulting
Mark Goodale
Colantonio, Inc., Safety Manager
Genevieve Hounshell
Lee Kennedy Co., Inc.
Colin Deal
Lee Kennedy Co., Inc.
Jack Padden
Sales Solutions Inc, VP - Sales / Operations
James ONeill
Bond, Safety Manager
Alan Steinberg
Bond, Project Executive
Samantha Bond
Bond, HR Business Consultant
Steven Massey
Bond, General Superintendent
Daniel Della-Giustina
Consigli Construction Co., Inc., Safety
Mike Haseltine
Consigli Construction Co., Inc., Superintendent
Brad Higdon
Consigli Construction Co., Inc.
Bryan Kingsbury
Consigli Construction Co., Inc., Safety Manager
Eddy Pellerin
Consigli Construction Co., Inc., Safety Engineer
Ernie Vrahopoulos
Consigli Construction Co., Inc., Project Manager
William Allison
Consigli Construction Co., Inc., Superintendent
Mark Fisher
Construction Coordinators Inc., President
Brendan Dowdall
Construction Coordinators Inc.
Dick Koenig
Elaine Construction, Inc., Field Supervisor
Clarence Reid
Erland Construction, Inc., safety officer
Alan Scott
Erland Construction, Inc., Project Executive
Bob Willard
C.E. Floyd Company Inc., Safety Director
Mark Frechette
Fontaine Brothers, Inc.
Thomas Wolfenden
Fontaine Brothers, Inc., Project Manager
Andrew Prochniak
Gilbane Building Company, Operations Manager I
John Downey
G. Greene Construction Co., Inc., Safety
Jason Edic
Lee Kennedy Co., Inc., Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Scott Bulger
J.L. Marshall & Sons, Inc., Safety Director
Derek Lines
John Moriarty & Associates, Safety & Health Manager
John Kruse
Sea-Dar Construction
Joe Burton
Sea-Dar Construction
Richard OConnell
Shawmut Design and Construction, Superintendent
Charles Aylward
Shawmut Design and Construction
Shaun Carvalho
Shawmut Design and Construction, Safety Manager
Doug LaPlante
Turner Construction
Jamie Evans
Turner Construction
Tom Rich
Walsh Brothers, Inc., Corporate Safety Director
George Bidgood
Bidgood Associates, Inc., President
John Cunha
Central Ceilings, Inc., Senior Project Manager
David Donovan
Central Ceilings, Inc., Vice President of Operations
Todd Newell
John Moriarty & Associates
Daniel Durand
S&F Concrete, Inc.
Gina Fonte
Holland & Knight LLP
Deb Griffin
Holland & Knight LLP
Deborah Griffin is in Holland & Knight's Construction Practice Group.  Her clients include contractors, construction managers and owners in default...
Kenneth Rubinstein
Preti Flaherty, Director
Larry Chirillo
Triple G Scaffold Services Corp., President
Eric Lambert
Zurich North America Construction-Bos
Ralph DiNapoli
Columbia , Director of Safety
Stan Martin
Commonsense Construction Law LLC, Principal
Stan Martin is an experienced construction attorney who got his start in the industry wearing a tool belt before becoming a lawyer. He focuses on p...
Matt Trainor
Anser Advisory
Tom Stanton
C.E. Floyd Company Inc.
Dan Della-Giustina
Consigli Construction Co., Inc.
Matt Donnelly
Anser Advisory
Mike Fitzgerald
Anser Advisory
Andraya Lombardi
Anser Advisory, Project Director
Tom O'Neil
Anser Advisory
Pam Wylie
Anser Advisory
Jennifer Pinck
Anser Advisory
Andy Nelson
Anser Advisory
Chet Osborn
Anser Advisory
Cheryl Cieplik
Anser Advisory